Reports and Publications


We are committed to investigating issues and reporting the outcomes

The Scottish Campaign for National Parks (SCNP) strives to promote and undertake studies into issues affecting the conservation, enjoyment and social and economic welfare of nationally outstanding natural, cultural and scenic heritage sites.

We have produced the following publications highlighting the relevant outcomes of these studies.


Unfinished Business

Scotland’s landscapes rank amongst best in the world, including wild mountains, pristine rivers and lochs, ancient forests, stunning coastline and islands, all rich in wildlife and history. With landscapes of such quality, it would be reasonable to expect to see them recognised, celebrated and protected according to international best practice. However, out of 3,500 National Parks in the world, Scotland has only two.

The-Potential-Socio-economic-Impacts-of-New-National-Park-Galloway-SCNP Report 5

The Potential Socio-economic Impacts of a New National Park or Galloway

The Scottish Campaign for National Parks (SCNP) and The Association for the Protection of Rural Scotland (APRS) have published a report on the potential socio-economic benefits that a new National Park could bring to Galloway.


Future National Parks in Scotland - Possible Governance Models

A summary of some different governance models for any new National Parks in Scotland with international case studies from France, England, Wales. The paper reviews the types of governance and staffing that may be applicable for different sizes of national park.

The Socio-economic benefits of new national park designations in Scotland

A short review and summary of the main socio-economic benefits that having more national parks in Scotland could bring both locally in the areas designated and nationally. International examples from Norway, New Zealand, Wales and Poland are cited in an Appendix.

SCNP-Report 3-Tourism-and-The-Economy

Tourism and Future National Parks in Scotland

A paper reviewing the postive impact that having more National Parks in Scotland could have on the visitor economy of the country. The way that other countries with more national parks than Scotland use this to promote tourism is cited.


Volunteering and National Parks in Scotland

A short paper that argues that having more National Parks in Scotland would encourage further volunteering in those areas. The paper estimates the economic value of the volunteering and the benefits to the local area. Examples from New Zealand, Iceland and England are described.