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We are the charity campaigning for National Parks in Scotland

The Scottish Campaign for National Parks (SCNP) is the national charity that campaigns to protect and promote the cause of and case for National Parks in Scotland. SCNP was formed in 1943 and reconstituted in 1990 following the publication of the CCS’s report for Government on the ‘Mountain Areas of Scotland’, which recommended the creation of National Parks in Scotland.

SCNP’s primary aim is to promote the protection, enhancement and enjoyment of nationally outstanding areas that are National Parks, or are appropriate to be designated as such, or are of sufficient merit to warrant special protection. This is manifest in our support for good stewardship of the country’s best environmental assets and encouragement of environmentally sustainable methods of development, particularly within areas of national park potential.

As well as our support for Scotland’s existing National Parks, Loch Lomond and the Trossachs and the Cairngorms, SCNP is actively campaigning for the creation of the Scottish Borders and Galloway National Parks.

The work we undertake is also supported by other organisations, charities and associations.

National Parks recommended by SCNP and APRS 2013

Five Reasons for
More Scottish National Parks

The Scottish Campaign for National Parks and the Association for the Protection of Rural Scotland have identified seven areas as potential new National Parks.

Our Aims:

  • To promote the protection, conservation and enhancement of established National Parks
  • To increase awareness of the parks and their importance to communities across Scotland and further afield
  • To protect outstanding areas that are appropriate for designation as National Parks or are of sufficient merit to warrant special protection
  • To lead and strengthen the National Park movement in Scotland

Our Actions:

  •  Seek to influence government and government departments by responding to policy consultations
  • Meet with the existing Parks, SNH and the Minister for the Environment on a regular basis to discuss matters of mutual interest
  • Promote and undertake studies into issues affecting the conservation, enjoyment and social and economic welfare of areas of outstanding natural, cultural and scenic heritage and publish results.
  • Challenge bad practice
  • Work with others to bring the widest possible experience to bear on National Park issues
Scottish Borders Countryside

Campaign for a Scottish
Borders National Park

Established in 2016 to promote the benefits of a National Park for the Scottish Borders, adjoining the existing Northumberland National Park on the south side of the Cheviot Hills.

Galloway National Park Association

The principal aim is to support the research of the potential for a National Park in south west Scotland and to consider the potential costs and benefits.

Landscape Of Scottish Countryside

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