Scottish Campaign for National Parks




Keeping Scotland’s National Parks and iconic landscapes worthy of National Park designation safe, is our responsibility to future generations. These iconic landscapes connect you with the wonders of nature. You can help secure this marvellous gift for your loved ones. Every legacy gift will help protect these wonderful areas and keep them safe. Please leave us a gift in your Will to sustain this essential work.

We have been campaigning with some success for 25 years to establish National Parks in Scotland and to have our countryside safe and open to everyone. The need for our work is undiminished - in such a crowded island, the pressures on and challenges to these precious places can only increase.

Remembering us in your Will makes a real difference to our work. We are in the early stages of a long term project to secure a National Parks Strategy for Scotland as being the most effective way of securing Scotland’s magnificent landscapes and important habitats for future generations.

A gift in your Will will help us to continue this work. Writing a will is the only way to make sure that your wishes for your loved ones are carried out. Legacy gifts make good tax sense too. Money gifted to us is generally exempt from inheritance tax. Leaving a gift to the Scottish Campaign for National Parks in your Will could be free for us and may help reduce the amount of income tax your relatives are liable to pay. There is more information at